New release of SenspodApp and SensorMap

Web service API improvements

  • New web service API v4
  • Include Sensor ID in every /store request
  • Include timezone offset for each date
  • Several other minor improvements

SenspodApp improvements

  • Architecture has been completely rewritten
  • Sensor devices are managed by a proper Service: a remote process running in the background
  • New framework of sensor data “consumers”: a “consumer” is a class that registers itself to the sensor device manager, and receives sensor data through a callback method
  • New views can be implemented as “consumers”
  • Consumers in this release:
  • Tree view: shows CO2, tree image changes to reflect severity of the CO2 level
    Tabular View+: shows any type of data received from a sensor as a table
    – Sentences View: shows all incoming raw sentences
    Sensor Map Uploader Service: uploads all incoming sentences to the Sensor Map

  • Dirty hacks have been completely eliminated, the code is clean now

SensorMap improvements

  • Updated data model to support more data types not just CO2
  • Lots of UI improvements and bugfixes
  • CSV download
  • Work on a brand new look has started, it will become the new official homepage with massive UI improvements

Note: Soon the website URL will be changed. The SenspodApp and SensorMap projects may also be rebranded.

Overall, the architecture has the following features:

  • SenspodApp can receive data from any Bluetooth device that sends lines of data (“sentences”) via the serial port profile.
  • GPS information is automatically attached to sentences received and broadcasted to sensor data “consumers”.
  • Sentences in the format $PSEN,… can be interpreted and displayed on one of the existing screens. New screens (= “consumers”) can be easily added by implementing a callback method.
  • Raw sentences are forwarded to the map server where they are stored even if the format is not yet supported. This way the measurements are never lost. Sentences in supported format can be displayed nicely; sentences in unsupported formats are simply stored for later use.

Let us know your comments, and if you have any questions or issues with the new release or the project in general. We are looking for collaborators of any kind, researchers, programmers or volunteer data collectors.


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