Domain move and new releases

SensorMap improvements

  • With the domain move of this portal site, SensorMap also has a new address:
    Update your bookmarks!
  • The old look of the map is now used primarily as a debugging tool:
    It will be used as a testbed of new features.
  • The new look of the map is less functional, but more presentable. Features will be added gradually as they mature in the debug view.
  • Replaced all post-backs with AJAX, for a more smooth user experience.
  • More data types are shown: NOx, COx, Humidity, Noise, in addition to CO2

SenspodApp improvements

  • Collected data is saved on Android as files in addition to real-time uploading. This way data never gets lost, even when connectivity is poor.
  • Added “hexa view” option to the Bluetooth debugging screen, which is handy with sensors that send data in binary format.
  • Added more detailed info on TabularViewPlus: GPS info and Temperature data.
  • Other internal improvements.

Roadmap (short term)

  • SensorMap
    • Graphs
    • Advanced filters / data selector controls
    • Real-time mode
  • SenspodApp
    • Support for new sensor types (physiological)
    • Comment function to let the user add annotations during data collection
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