Tokyo Marathon 2011

Wow, Joseph really did complete the Tokyo Marathon successfully wearing all that fancy gear! Big kudos to him, otsukaresama!

Although for now we have only partial environmental data of his run (he wore the sensor on his left arm, btw), we will upload it soon and make it available on the map site in a few days.

How come the data is only partial for now?
1. At around 8:30, Android lost internet connection, for unknown reason, but most probably related to the mobile internet service provider, and possibly to the ustream issues Joseph was having. Roughly two hours later the connection was back and Android recovered automatically.
2. At around 12:00, Android most probably ran out of battery.

There was also an increasing lag in the data uploaded by Android, because the sampling rate of the sensor was faster than Android could send it to the map.

In the feature such issues will be avoidable, obviously we need to work more on the software, and a dedicated mobile internet provider for just the android should help staying connected to the internet.

We should be able to recover the full data set, because the sensor device stores it internally while sending to Android, and also it has longer battery lifetime. We will post again in a few days after we get the data off the sensors and upload on the map, so stay tuned!

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