New release of EcoCitizen Map

The map has undergone some major internal changes, that’s why took our time with the new release. Finally it’s here, and from now on it should be easier to make incremental changes.

EcoCitizen Map improvements

  • The session summary attribute (describing the data recording session) and the contributor of the data is shown in the top-right corner of the map. This way it is clearer what you’re looking at.
  • Hovering on a graph point highlights the corresponding point on the map.
  • In real-time mode, the latest recording is highlighted, so it is easier to see where is the current data.
  • Nicer real-time mode switch button.
  • Lots and lots of internal improvements and bugfixes.


You can see more screenshots of this release here.

Next targets

  • EcoCitizen Map
    • Advanced filters / data selector controls
    • Show user comments taken during data collection
  • EcoCitizen Android
    • Review and revise navigation, screens, menus
    • Support for new sensor types (physiological)
    • Release on Android Marketplace
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