New release of EcoCitizen Android and EcoCitizen Map

EcoCitizen Android improvements

  • Created a plugin framework for adding support for new sensor devices easily. This means that if you have a portable sensor device that uses bluetooth to send data or provide data download, now you can simply write a new driver class to get data from the device and parse that data, without needing to edit other parts of the code. Detailed documentation is in progress, and will be posted later. This is one of the most relevant features of the application.
  • Added (basic) support for the HxM health sensor made by Zephyr Technology.
  • Improved navigation, user interface. Further improvements will be in a next release very soon.
  • Several internal changes and bugfixes.

EcoCitizen Map improvements

  • Added a color-scale sidebar which shows the measurement value ranges corresponding to the marker colors on the map.
  • Measurement markers are now clickable, showing details of the measurement.
  • Several internal improvements and bugfixes.


You can see more screenshots of this releaseĀ here.

Next targets

  • EcoCitizen Map
    • Advanced filters / data selector controls
    • Show user comments taken during data collection
  • EcoCitizen Android
    • Release on Android Marketplace
    • Review and revise navigation, screens, menus
    • More views, with map, and graph
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