New release of EcoCitizen Android

EcoCitizen Android improvements

Until recently our code base was working only on Android version 1.6, using a backported version of Android’s bluetooth library. We have changed our minimum target version to 2.1, using the official bluetooth library, and have confirmed that the app works well on several devices using Android version 2.1, 3.x, and 4.x. We will continue maintaining a “backport” version of the app, as most of our test devices are version 1.6 (HTC Magic).

Source code of the mainline development (Android 2.1+):

Source code of the backport development (Android 1.6):

Improvements in this release

  • Added support for another health sensor. The device measures various health parameters, such as: heart rate, respiration rate, skin temperature, posture.
  • We confirmed the app works well with a range of environmental sensors: radiation, ozone, and various air pollution sensors.
  • Improved the speed of file uploading.

Pending tasks for first release

We are gearing up for releasing the app (both mainline and backport versions) on Google Play within the next 2-3 months. For this first release we are targeting the minimal set of features that enable a wide audience to collect and contribute data from a variety of sensors. More nice-to-have features and support for more sensor devices can be added later in incremental releases. The app will be free.

Target improvements in the release candidate:

  • User registration
  • Documentation:
    • How to contribute code
    • How to add support for a new sensor (it’s easy!)
    • How to contribute data and browse on the map
    • How to send the collected to data to your own map server
  • Better app ui design


There are no new screens in this release, but in any case here are a few screenshots using a phone with android version 2.1+, showing measurements from a health sensor.

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