EcoCitizen Android

The purpose of this sub-project is to create a user-friendly Android application that can collect data from portable sensors and upload to the internet.


  • Support as many sensor devices and protocols as possible. Our primary focus is on environmental sensors like CO2, COx, NOx, humidity, temperature, noise and on physiological sensors such as heart rate, respiratory rate, but the application has a general structure that can work with any sensors.
  • Show on Android screen incoming data from sensors. Currently the app has a few generic screens to view any kind of data, and some specialized screens for our purposes, and for debugging. Graphs and map screens are also in the plans.
  • Upload data to internet using web services, to the EcoCitizen Map map server or to any other server of your choice.
  • Data can be uploaded in real time, and/or stored on Android for uploading later, which is very useful when offline data collection is good enough, and to protect from data loss when network is unstable.

This software is open-source. We have two main branches of development:

Mainline branch, targeting Android version 2.1 and above, including 3.x and 4.x:

Backport branch, targeting Android version 1.6:



More screenshots…

A graph should show the CO2 levels over the past 5 / 15 / 60 minutes.

The graph design and layout is unspecified for now. It’s ok to use the entire screen, and to display the graph either horizontally or vertically.

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