EcoCitizen Map

The purpose of this sub-project is to aggregate incoming data from client applications such asĀ EcoCitizen Android, and display on a user-friendly public map of environmental data.


  • Store all incoming data in a database, even data in unsupported formats. This way data from new and not yet supported devices is never lost, but saved for reprocessing later after support has been implemented.
  • Show data using Google Maps. Supported data types: CO2, COx, NOx, Temperature, Humidity, Noise. More data types will be added as and when needed. Our next target is physiological sensors such as heart rate monitors.
  • Graph data using jQuery jqPlot, with rectangle zoom option (among others).
  • Raw data can be downloaded in CSV format. More sophisticated download options will be added soon.
  • Real-time mode, to view data as it is uploaded by users in near real time.

If you would like to participate and contribute data to the map, please contact us at


More screenshots …


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